Bijan Driving School prioritizes the safety and security of the drivers and is therefore considered the top driving school in New Westminster. We aim to create the best defensive operators so that there can be an optimal reduction in the number of road accidents in the city. This way, our goal is to promote the safety and well-being of all. In addition, we offer some distinct packages so everyone can afford the best training.

Our variety of courses is ideal for all. You can get a class 5, 7, or class 4 restricted license with our specific programs. The level of education is the same in all the classes. No matter the type or category of driving lesson in New Westminster, BC, you will get the same professional education in our institute. Our teachers are also trustworthy, reliable, and experts in the field. They evaluate all students individually and ensure satisfaction through thorough training.
Safety is the most significant concern while on the road. Risky drivers can compromise your protection if you are driving, walking, or playing with your children outside. People usually learn to operate from their friends or take incompetent classes. They don't know safety measures, prevention, or defensive tactics. When such people drive, they are more prone to road accidents. This is why the ratio of accidents is increasing drastically in the world.

To save residents from road hazards, we specialize in teaching defensive skills, safety measures, and disaster management. Our instructors repeat this knowledge in theory as well as in practice sessions. This course material is also accurate for whichever course you choose. Transportation department rules and regulations, road signs, keeping in your lane, minimizing distractions while driving, high morale, and detecting hazards beforehand to adopt safety measures are some of the skills we focus on. You will feel more confident on the road at the end of our classes than ever.
Our driving school in New Westminster offers plenty of courses to fulfill the needs of all. Our classes are specific to license type and the number of lessons depending upon your knowledge levels. We offer:
  • Class 5 course
  • Class 7 course
  • Class 4 unrestricted
  • Renting a car for a road test
  • Pre-test warm-up session and car rental
These courses are further divided into categories depending on the number of lessons you need. For experienced individuals, we offer a single-day practice course. Similarly, we provide three or six sessions for intermediate learners. In addition, we offer a unique new learner's course with ten sessions, each of 90 minutes. This program is the most comprehensive and covers teaching all the driving skills, from basic to advanced.
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Enrolling in a driving school can be expensive. Whether you choose in-class on online classes, you have to pay a hefty amount to get a certificate. However, this is not the case with our institute. We never charge more than the average market rate with our quality education. Costly schools support their high-quality education claim with their high fee. This is something we never entertain at Bijan Driving School. Our affordable packages are accessible to all.

Our school cost-effectively offers quality, reliability, and expertise. You can select the number of classes and fee packages accordingly. We offer single, three-session, and six-session lessons; many more categories are on their way in the future. This way, we offer flexibility to select the ideal course per your budget and number of classes.

Get Your License Guaranteed 

We have assisted countless students to pass the road test and get their driver's licenses. The secret to our successful programs all goes back to our expert instructors. They include all the essential skills in their lessons required to pass the exam. Our trainers know the types of questions asked in the knowledge test and the skills evaluated during your license test. They pay special attention to these skills so that you can practice overcoming them. This way, the students go through the expected difficulties beforehand and are ready to deal with them.

Our comprehensive lesson content and competent trainers make our institute ideal for license test classes. You can also get our pre-test driving lesson in New Westminster, BC, to warm up before the exam.

Book Your Package Today

As you know, Bijan Driving School is a versatile, competent, affordable driving school in New Westminster, extending high-quality education for all. Our booking process is uncomplicated and straightforward. You can enroll yourself online or call our agent for assistance.

So, stop looking for top institutes with affordable education in your city and learn more at our specified courses. With our finest instructors and new driving lesson in New Westminster, BC, get ready to pass the license test in one try. You can contact our class 4, 5, or 7, licensee classes. We also offer car rental for the road test and pre-test practice training. All you have to do is choose your course, get package details, and register yourself in just a few clicks—Call 778-984-3977 for further assistance.

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