Get the best training for a class 5 license with Bijan Driving School. Our finest and class 5 specialist instructors are highly experienced and have helped hundreds of individuals get their driving permits. We have been serving Canadians through thick and thin. Our safe driving tactics and exceptional teaching skills make us the institute of choice for class 5 driving lessons Vancouver.
British Columbia requires a Class 5 license to drive all 2-axle vehicles and motors without air brakes. However, you are not allowed to operate a motorbike or any commercial car like a truck or bus with a seating capacity of more than 15 individuals. For this, you will need a class 4 license.
To get a class 5 permit, you must pass an ICBC exam that includes knowledge, medical, and road tests. To apply for this license, you must have the following

· Age above 16 years
· Driving experience of at least one year with a class 7 license
· A valid ID of Canadian citizenship and residence
· A permission letter from a guardian (for individuals below 18)
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The class 5 license exam includes road and knowledge tests. The test's purpose is to evaluate and assess the basic driving understanding of the candidate. The knowledge test will cover vehicle maintenance, safety tips, road signs, and traffic rules.

Now comes the road test. During this exam, you will be asked to operate a car on a specific route with an examiner sitting in the front seat. He will evaluate your driving skills by passing you through hurdles and roadblocks. Particular tasks like parallel parking and reversing will also be performed. Our class 5 driving lesson in Vancouver covers all these essential exam parts to help you get through the test effortlessly.
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First and foremost, our premium feature is providing license-specific education. We understand that getting the official permit is your priority. Our courses are built around the questions assessed during your road exam. Our instructors know the primary content and pay special attention to test matters. They work day and night to ensure you don't just pass the exam but excel in all the parts with a 100% success rate.

Bijan Driving School provides custom lessons for all. We enroll people of all ages and help them get official permits through quality education. If you lack a specific road skill, the coach will mainly focus on that weak skill until you get better at it. The affordable packages, convenient payment plans, and no hidden charges are all light on your wallet, unlike enrolling in an expensive driving school.

Choose The Best Institute For Class 5 Driving Lessons

If you feel confused on the road, say goodbye to all your concerns the day you step into our institute. You will handle all your confusion fading within minutes, even in the first lesson. Our instructors are polite and kind and treat every student with equal responsibility. They are the best-mannered coaches you will find in a driving institute.

You can get our class 5 driving lesson in Vancouver to get through the road test without hassle. We also offer same-day warmup practice sessions and car rental for the road test. What's better than getting all these exceptional services in one place? So, choose your package today, and let's get driving!

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