With many people moving towards transportation businesses, the need for class 4 license training has increased. Getting a learner’s or full license is much easier than a commercial one. That’s why most people never go to driving schools. However, a proper commercial driving education is mandatory to get a permit if you want to set foot in the transportation business. Worry not, as Bijan Driving School now provides comprehensive driver’s training to help you get your class 4 restricted license in BC effortlessly.

If you aim to work through a ride-sharing vehicle like Uber, you must have a class 4 restricted license in your pocket. ICBC believes transporting residents from one place to another demands trust and safety. That’s why the department extends a separate license test for it. Our school specializes in Class 4 restricted coaching so every person can get their dream job without hassle.
Anyone planning to operate commercial vehicles with passengers in British Columbia must possess a Class 4 license. This permit category has two further divisions: restricted and unrestricted. You can drive passenger-carrying cars with both of these license types. However, the prime difference between the two is the total number of passengers they can carry. With a class 4 unrestricted permit, you can hold up to 25 individuals.
Class 4 Unrestricted vs. Class 4 Restricted License BC image
As the name indicates, this license category is restricted to carrying fewer passengers. You cannot take more than ten individuals in your vehicle. A Class 4 restricted license holder in BC can drive most commercial vehicles like ride-sharing cabs, vans, limousines, ambulances, taxis, and buses with limited passengers. The basic requirements to get this license include the following:
  • at least 19 years of age
  • a full license holder with a driving experience above two years
  • No penalties or license warnings in the past three years
  • Passing a knowledge test and a medical test
  • Clearing the road test and a safety pre-trip inspection test
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If you wish to pursue your professional driving career and are ready to get a license for it, enroll yourself in our class 4 restricted driving classes. We guarantee you will pass the ICBC knowledge, road, and license tests without hassle with our all-in-one quality education.

We have highly experienced coaches who have been carrying passengers and teaching future drivers for years. These coaches detect the weak knowledge areas of a learner and address those to prepare him for road challenges. Our lesson content is also as per the transportation department rules and guidelines. You will benefit from theory classes and practice sessions to pass the license exam easily. In short, Bijan Driving School will teach you how to pursue driving as your full-time profession.

The Best Class 4 Lessons Providers In BC

Commercial driving requires more precision, safety, and self-confidence than day-to-day driving. This is what class 4 training should also include. We at Bijan Driving School are proud to deliver the specialized program for getting a class 4 restricted license in BC. Our curriculum is ideal with ICBC rules and road test challenges. You will get one-on-one in-car practice as well as knowledge lessons. So, build up your knowledge and confidence and be ready to get your commercial driving license with Bijan Driving School.

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